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Manor Course (WHS): Manor Course - Open ⛳️ Tee times available online. Play safe, stay safe and enjoy your golf! #golf #golflife #newforest #ourmanor #hampshiresoldest
Forest Course (WHS): Forest Course - Open ⛳️ Tee times available online. Play safe, stay safe and enjoy your golf on Hampshire's oldest course! #golf #golflife #newforest #hampshiresoldest

Health & Safety

Work on the Courses

Please be vigilant when our Greenkeepers and outside contractors are working on our Courses. Please DO NOT play a shot toward them until you KNOW that they are aware that you are about to play.

Soft Spikes

Soft spikes may slip on hard, wet or inclined surfaces. Golfers who choose to wear soft spikes do so at their own risk. Wearers of metal spikes should ensure that they are in good repair and not heavily worn. We have applied a covering of synthetic turf to our sleeper bridges around the Manor course to prevent slipping.

Sun Protection

As a Sun Protection Accredited club, we have pledged to raise awareness of sun protection to our staff and members. Melanoma is one of the UK’s fastest rising cancers, mainly affecting those who spend lots of time outdoors without sun protection. Incidence in women has more than doubled, and for men tripled in the last 30 years.

Between April to September you need to be aware of the risks of UV light. 
Please remember to follow these five rules when playing, working or spectating on the golf course:

1. Keep sunscreen (SPF30+), sunglasses, a hat and large umbrella in your summer kit bag.

2. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before teeing off to ensure it is effective.

3. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours on sunny days, or around the 9th, using a sunscreen applicator to avoid a greasy grip!

4. Use a chubby sunblock stick to protect lips, nose and ears.

5. Check skin every month or so and if you spot any changes, visit your GP immediately.

For further tips and advice visit the Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign by clicking on the logo above!

Deer Ticks

During the summer deer ticks can be found in the rough. They attach themselves to bare flesh and as such only tend to be a problem if you are wearing shorts and short socks. If you are concerned please wear long trousers.  These ticks can carry Lyme's Disease so if you find that you have one please visit your GP. The symptoms of Lyme's Disease are detailed HERE and it is easily treated with antibiotics.

Shouting "FORE"

If you hit a shot off line or toward an area where you believe people may be standing, it is vital that you shout "FORE" quickly and loudly enough for them to hear you and take avoiding action if appropriate.

Animals on the Forest Course

The Forest Course is located on the open New Forest National Park and as such has various animals (Cattle and Ponies) roaming free. In the event of an injury sustained directly by an animal, Bramshaw Golf Club accepts no responsibility or liability for any injuries (kicks, charges) and the injury should be reported the the Forestry Commission in Lyndhurst.

Every care should be taken to avoid the animals, especially when they are tending their calves and foals.

Winter Golf

We want to enable as much buggy and trolley use as possible over the winter period. To that end, we intend to allow trolleys to be used on the Forest Course whenever the course is open.

On the Manor Course, buggies will almost certainly have to remain on the paths for the entire period (see note below for disabled golfers), but we will only insist that trolleys also stay on the paths whilst there is still a white frost or the ground is extremely wet. In such circumstances, please remember that trolley use being restricted to paths is the alternative to TROLLEYS NOT BEING IN USE, which we would like to avoid if possible. We fully appreciate that it adds time to the round and involves more walking, and if you don't wish to do that please carry (or don't play) as if trolleys were not in use.   

We will monitor how well the "trolleys on paths" policy is adhered to when in use (and would very much appreciate feedback from members about what they witnessed whilst playing). In the meantime please note that greens staff have been instructed to ask golfers who are not adhering to the policy to leave the course, and it of course applies to members and visitors alike.  

Buggy Use - Disabled Golfers

We encourage disabled golfers to use the course at all times but during very wet and or frosty weather, certain conditions may be put in place restricting areas of the course. It is also a requirement that players make themselves aware of the BUGGY POLICY, Golf Buggy Safety Acknowledgement Form and the Buggy Use Restriction that may be imposed due to Health and Safety reasons when the weather has impacted the courses.

Buggy Policy
Acknowledgement Form
Buggy Use Restrictions Form

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